Welcome to The Specter Legacy!


This is the story of the Specter family of Bluewater Village, just outside of Strangetown. The family is the subject of my Legacy Challenge, an interesting and often difficult set of fan-created rules to play by, wherein you create a single sim and play their family through ten generations on the same lot. Part of my challenge is to tell the story of my Legacy family, and I have decided to do so via this website. Here you will find stories, screenshots, links, and a blog full of anecdotes and rants as I attempt to play my way through this challenge. It's been fun so far, so look around and see what's going on with the Specter family!

The Current Story…

September 25th, 2009

Mikael and Camryn are settled nicely into their ancestral home, and are enjoyiong their retirement from adventuring. As they sit and reminisce over their photo album full of ancient tombs, temples, and hidden places, Moredecai and Clay are striking up as much of a friendship as a zombie and a bigfoot can.

Meanwhile, Trystan, our diffident casanova, has moved on to college. He’s found a few other beautiful intellectuals, and they’ve put together an emo band. The real question is can the drama of their music survive the potential drama of their personal lives, or will Trystan find himself going solo after inadvertently romancing himself into the band’s breakup?